Horseback Riding Lessons

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Why Ride?

People find their way to horseback riding from a wide variety of angles. Whether you are in search of fulfilling cowboy dreams, checking one off on your bucket list, looking to develop leadership qualities, relaxation and release, self inquiry, celebrating a milestone, to gain a sense of oneness with a powerful animal, for low impact exercise or are an avid horse person there is without question benefits for people of all ages, abilities and walks of life.

In order for a person to achieve overall Wellness a sense of balance or homeostasis must exist in their world. Horses offer an avenue to achieving and maintaing your personal balance throughout your lifetime.

Below are just some of the benefits that we can offer you through out lesson, facilitated training, Equestrian Yoga and training programs.

Physical Benefits

• relaxation
• joint mobility
• flexibility
• balance
• speech development
• vestibular stimulation
• core strength
• fine/gross motor skills
• coordination
• body part isolation
• hand/eye coordination
• lifetime activity
• physical challenge
• injury rehab

Mental Benefits

• critical thinking
• problem solving
• self-inquiry
• confidence
• independence
• concentration
• cognitive challenge
• respect

Social Benefits

• communication
• sense of belonging
• body language
• understanding group dynamic

Learning Practical Horsemanship

Half hour and hour lessons available as well as discounts for a book of six. Come and live your dream, we will be here to support you every step of the way.
Basic horsemanship for the casual rider to the competitive rider - through all levels of competition.
• Centered riding
• Fundamentals of Hunt Seat, Western, Trail, Reining, Showmanship, Ground Work, Cow Work and Holistic Horses Management

Lesson Costs

Private - 1/2 Hr. $35.00

Private - 1 Hr. $50.00
* Special Rates for ADQHS boarders

Pack of 6 Best Value $175.00

Pack of 6 Best Value $250.00

Cow Work Lessons

Private: $75.00
* Offered every other Thursday

Group $65.00
Limited to 4 Riders

** Facilitated Training:
$65.00 per hour (We teach you to train your horse)

Miss Sophia enjoying her Saturday lesson on Quincy